valve Adjustment Shim


Fillering Process is the most important and sensitive subjects for engine adjustment

Moreover, it improves engine operation effectively, if it is done precisely

The results that can be acquired on behalf of accurate fillering can be observed below

  • Increasing engine efficiency
  • Decreasing fuel consumption
  • Decreasing Emission Reduction


The fillering process is done by valve adjustment shim for Peugeot car categories that have been used in Iran Khodro such as Peugeot 405&Samand

Valve Adjustment Shim, is a product with the tolerance of ±0.01 mm and its Parnellism is less

   Than 0.01 mm with the Hardness of 60±1 HRC, we are supposed to use high quality steel for

its production

As a matter of fact, if we do not care about our products and produce them with inappropriate dimensions, we will not be able to do fillering operation precisely

In addition to this, if we produce our final products with low quality raw material, we will observe leakage in the contact section between valve and shim as a result of high thermal stress and entering different strokes .Consequently, the cars will come out of adjustment and appropriate operation

These signs demonstrate that valve operation conditions are not regulated and we are supposed to do fillering and replace shims

  • Undesirable sounds in the valve
  • increase in fuel consumption
  • engine efficiency reduction

We suggest you to replace all of shims in fillering or fixing process on the basis of the sensitivity of this product and its positive influence on engine sound reduction

It should be considered that worn shims should be eliminated and avoid using them again definitely according to valid Automotive Standards

Sayal Niroo Sanat Company succeeded in producing Valve Adjustment Shim  with high quality in our production line with specific equipment that is confirmed in valuable laboratories and automotive systems

Our company is able to produce your considered valve adjustment shims for different cars according to your requirement with high quality &accuracy with various thickness according to your request