Canister and the necessities for its replacement

Generally, the fuel of trunk is evaporated on the basis of its nature and it is circulated in fresh air when is attached to it. The circulation of fuel vapor in the air cause environmental pollution and explosion conditions around cars

Consequently, Canisters are parts that are fuel vapor reclamation with the capability of absorption in various kinds of cars. Fuel vapor is transmitted to Canister Input by hoses and is absorbed when it passes from activated carbon layers

Canisters have an influence on engine operation and optimization of fuel consumption

After connecting canister to trunk, fuel vapor in the trunk is transmitted to combustion system with air and is consumed when engine air is supplied by, when this path is closed, appropriate ventilation to engine is decreased and fuel vapor gathers in the trunk

Consequently, inappropriate operation of canister or its blocking cause increase in fuel consumption and decrease in engine efficiency. This effect is remarkable for carburetor cars on the basis of their design in a way that canister replacement has positive results on engine condition and causes its regulation

One of the most important advantages of car canisters  is that we can use fuel vapor in combustion system the volume of consumption of fuel vapor reclamation is very lower than liquid fuel volume. As a result, supplying the air of engine input has positive influence on engine application especially in the initial start and car movement acceleration


Canister Influence on Environmental Pollution

Reclamation and Fuel vapor consumption have tangible effect on environmental pollution on the basis of avoiding toxic steam in environment. Accordingly, designing and installing fuel vapor system on Fuel tankers are too significant parameters

It should be considered that high volume and long distance from refinery to gas station on transportation system is very influential for environmental pollution especially from the point of spreading fuel,installing industrial canisters have prominent influence on absorption capability and fuel vapor reclamation

Canister influence on Car safety

When your car is in the lack of canister and its path is blocked Canister cause to gather fuel vapor will be gathered in fuel tanks on behalf of this matter. It will be more obvious factor during your driving especially in warm seasons and rough roads in a way that if you open the door of your fuel tank at the end of your travel, you will observe extreme fuel vapor that will spread around your car definitely. Consequently, if you have an accident during this condition, your fuel tank will explode in inflammation source

Your canister should be observed by professionals in order to avoid probable risks and  periodic revise are essential to assure your car accurate operation



Suitable time for canister replacement

According to valuable automotive standards, you should replace your canister during these conditions

When the results of application tests of vehicle examination office are negative and in general

After 30.000 km

In addition to this, after gathering vapor in your car fuel tank and when you open the door of your fuel tank and vapor is spread unexpectedly or when you smell fuel odor around your car and after observing crack or fracture on canister, you are supposed to replace your car canister

Please be careful that Periodic visits are essential to assure from canister operation

Canister test conditions

Start your car when refining hoses and fuel vapor are installed then put your thumb on free air hoses, you should feel suction air .also you should feel suction air from fuel vapor suction path. For this purpose, separate the hose that connects fuel tank to canister and when the engine is on, check air suction from fuel vapor and free air hoses


So,we are able to produce different kinds of Canisters such as Paykan wanette/Peugeot 405&206/Pride Carburetor&Injector/Rana/Samand canisters/Renault Canister Tondar 90

that  have been produced by our company in Iran for the first time