company History

Company History

Sayal Niroo Sanat company was established in 2000.The target of SNS manufacturing and supplying hydraulic pumps and accessories
SNS Co.has had a good reputation for both high quality and reasonable price in domestic markets. This company became successful in producing power steering vane pumps, Vickers type in 2003 by German Integral Production Line

We have succeeded in producing various kinds of Power Assisted Steering Control Valves and Hydraulic Cylinders such as Tractor.

In addition to this, we have produced Steering Cylinders of Peugeot 405,Pars and Samand for the first time in Iran.Also,we have produced test equipment of hydraulic cylinders in 2013 in order to achieve high quality components

Moreover, we are going to produce power steering pump and power assisted steering control valve and also to assemble the whole components of steering mechanisms of Peugeot 206, Peugeot 405,Pars and Samand